The Standalone solution has been implemented in summer 2012. Find out more about it here.

Our Standalone team is currently working on the next generation of Izuba.Box, our standalone battery boxes, after feedback obtained over the trial implementation period. A physical re-design of the box will make manufacturing simpler and fine-tuning the type and quantity of outputs will yield a solution better tailored to our customers. Updates to the software will make the second generation more intuitive and user-oriented. Specific software bugs and poor design choices will be eliminated.

Also, in cooperation with a Rwandan start-up company, the goal of automated mobile-based unlocking will be tackled. Instead of using regular mobile payments to purchase an unlock code based on the value transferred, an app will be written (for all old and low-cost cell phone models) that allows users to select the wanted unlock duration, pay, then automatically receive a reply from an automated web-server with their box-specific unlock code. This method would cut out the middleman, thereby reducing operating costs and increasing customer response time. Another method being investigated is the integration of a GSM module into the box itself. By enabling the box to communicate with the web-server directly, a customer would only have to approve the payment via text and ensure their box is “topped up” with mobile money credit, the rest is done automatically. This method would increase the flexibility of the business model even further by introducing the possibility of pay monthly schemes similar to direct debit in western countries.