Remote DataLogging and Transmission

SenseLink Consultants – a team of 6 undergraduate Electrical and Electronic Engineering students were chosen to work on a project for E.quinox.  The aim of the project was to develop a ‘Plug-and-play” real-time data logging and transmission system to assist E.quinox in monitoring and maintaining the launderettes in Rwanda, directly from London. 

This data was used to determine the quality and quantity of the water being used in the launderette along with the data regarding the status of the battery that is in place.

The project successfully achieved the following:

  • A real-time, scaled down integrated implementation system of the data logging and transmission system that was demonstrated live at Imperial College London.
  • The system was designed to have the ‘Plug-and-Play’ features i.e. it could be scaled to bigger and different projects with different input methods could be changed without a problem.
  • The transmission system runs on 2G, providing robustness in places with low quality mobile reception. It also has an offline backup onsite, in case of transmission system failure.
  • In order to determine the water quality and quantity, the following parameters were measured:
    • Turbidity
    • pH
    • Flow Rate
    • Ultrasonic sensors
    • Temperature
  • A separate circuit was designed and successfully tested to analyse the status of a smaller lead-acid battery, similar to the one installed onsite in Rwanda.

The hardware and the software utilised in the project is independent of each other, which makes it easier to implement the project on a larger scale with necessary changes being made simultaneously. The work done by SenseLink provides a solid foundation for future work to be conducted towards efficient and cost-effective management of the launderettes.