Collaboration with URTech Innovators

URTech Innovators (URTI) is a student engineering society at the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology (URCST). It was founded in 2014 with the initiative of expedition members and country representative Longin Sebahizi. The aim of the collaboration was to establish a platform to promote student engineering and to enable project collaborations. The society consists of undergraduate and postgraduate students from a variety of disciplines in engineering, science and architecture faculties with the aim of developing innovative solutions to address commercial and developmental challenges.

In 2016, the partnership between e.quinox and URTI was strengthened to advance collaboration in multiple areas. The partnership between e.quinox and URTI is envisioned to serve the mutual benefit of both parties by involving URTI’s wealth of local knowledge and access, and e.quinox’s past experience and resources.

Through URTI’s local presence, activities central to joint project development can be facilitated, including research, surveying, procurement, maintaining existing e.quinox projects and contact with authorities.

E.quinox, with its past project knowledge and experience offers the opportunities to promote the growth of URTI, in areas of project development methodologies, project implementation, technical support, feasibility studies, prototype testing and fundraising.