Our teams are working on the following projects at the moment, as we continue to design the blueprint solution of rural electrification. Click one of the icons below to find out more.


Monitoring the status, usage and operational statistics of our kiosks has become a vital part towards our system maintenance and future growth. This project was initiated with the goal of designing a series of purpose built, low power and low cost data logging devices.

Standalone Solution

With this solution, local businesses near our current Energy Kiosks are to be supplied with a small solar panel and battery box each, such that they no longer have to walk to the kiosk to recharge their batteries.

Battery Box Development

As battery technology is being continuously developed, we are designing a battery box which is low cost, long-life and suit the users’ needs. This project also looks at producing our battery boxes sustainability, both in the use of material and employing local people.

Hydro Kiosk

In summer 2012, we implemented our first hydroelectric kiosk in south-western Rwanda. We are currently working on phase B of the project, which includes installing a turbine with higher output and constructing a distribution line to a local school.