Rugaragara, Nuruguru

Rugaragara, Nuruguru, Rwanda

imageBuilt: Coming Summer 2012
Coordinates: 2°35’42.26”S ,29°29’36.37”E
Power Generation: Pelton Turbine and Induction Generator
Max Power Output: 5500W
Cost: USD40,000
Built By: e.quinox and DHE
Objectives: Rural electrification by hydroelectric power.
Partners: Imperial College London, University of Dartmouth, IEEE, Care International

The hydro kiosk project is a collaboration between e.quinox and DHE (Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering), planned for implementation in June of 2012. The designed system is for a pico hydropower scheme that diverts water from the top of the Rugaragara falls through a vertical height of 25m. The DHE team have designed and manufactured a state of the art pelton wheel turbine to capture energy from the falling water, whilst e.quinox have designed the entire front-end electrical system to control output from the induction generator being used to create electricity from the falling water.


Extensive socio-economic studies of the local population have shown the region to be a highly appropriate constituency to introduce the e.quinox battery box charging system as a solution to rural electrification. Local people would hire a battery box with DC and AC outputs that is charged using the electricity generated from the hydropower kiosk. Each battery box can be used for powering lights, mobile phones, radios and shavers to improve the standard of living for local people.


This summer e.quinox and DHE will undertake the entirety of the construction work with the help of employed local labour. The project is being facilitated by Care International an NGO working in Rwanda to help improve the wellbeing of the rural population. Funding for the project has been generously donated by IEEE.


Here are some photos of the progress so far!



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