Gihara, Rwanda

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Gihara, Rwanda

The Energy Kiosk in Gihara, Kamonyi District, has been shut down permenantly after a financial review showing the project deemed unsustainable.

The kiosk, which served 150 households, was installed in September 2010 to test the feasibility of a grid-powered Energy Kiosk in rural Rwanda by e.quinox in collabration with BTC Rwanda. The management was handed over to the local cooperative in Gihara in 2011.

Concerns have been raised regarding the state of the battery boxes while the shopkeeper was allegedly setting prices which deviated from the recommendation. This led to an overall loss of 362,000RWF between September 2011 and July 2012. Efforts were made to revive the kiosk in July 2012 by changing the payment scheme but was unsuccessful.

Since we saw the benefits of our battery boxes to some of our customers, they were given the option to purchase the battery box for 5,000RWF. Alternatively, they can return the battery box and receive the initial deposit (5,000RWF).

We acknowledge and appreciate the support we have received from the authorities at the Kamonyi District throughout the project. We have remained in great contact with the vice-mayor of the Kamonyi District, Claudine Uwineza, throughout the project, and are thanking her for her continuous support and advice in major decisions.

We sincerely apologise for any failure on our part, and hope that the Kamonyi District will soon be able to provide electricity to its entire population.