Vision & Values

e.quinox is a non-profit, humanitarian project that hopes to bring cost-effective, sustainable development to rural communities.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that technology can be a solution to many of the problems we face today. Our goal is to give communities the means to help themselves. Our project aims to develop a business model which is financially sustainable – designed to recover for the initial investment made for the energy kiosks over a few years.

Our values

These are the very essence of what makes and defines e.quinox and cannot be changed without good reasons. If the core values shifted away from the following three points, then e.quinox would lose its very meaning and become a different organisation. It is of fundamental importance that all projects and members embrace these values to the fullest and that the general path the organisation follows does not deviate from them.

Rural Electrification – e.quinox was started with the aim of helping poor communities by providing them with what is regarded in this day and age as a right to have access to. Electricity has the potential to change lives and is the very reason why e.quinox came into existence. Providing electricity can grant people with access to lighting, communication, heating and many other benefits. This is why electrification should also never end at the supply of energy. Electricity should always be looked at as a foundation upon which many other needs of people can be fulfilled. Electrification needs to always translate into empowerment of the people who obtain access to it.

Student Run – e.quinox differentiates itself from other organisation by being completely student-run, without any professional intervention. This allows the organisation to tap into the creative minds of students and give them the opportunity to have a real impact on people’s lives. Students are able to experience first-hand what it is like to run a relatively large organisation affecting people’s everyday lives, giving them an incredible experience and valuable skills. This also gives members a relatively large flexibility and the opportunity to develop their ideas and interests.

Open-Source – e.quinox is being constantly drawn by different sides by the two previous core values: It remains impossible for e.quinox to physically achieve large scale rural electrification projects whilst remaining student run. The emerging solution is the third core value, the open-source nature of e.quinox. Instead of aiming to physically implement new projects, e.quinox aims to inspire entrepreneurs and external societies to take up its ideas and implement them on a larger scale. The organisation actively promotes sharing its work and discoveries to anyone willing to promote rural electrification by any mean. This is done with the aim of ensuring that the innovative solutions being pioneered by the members of the organisation our able to reach a truly global impact.