We are a student-led, non-profit, humanitarian organisation that aims to develop sustainable technological solutions for rural communities.

Vision and Values 

e.quinox’s vision is to enable rural communities by developing sustainable technological and business models that can benefit rural communities through electrification, or product development. It is important that the research conducted by the organisation is open source. This is so that other organisations can adapt and implement similar projects in different communities. e.quinox strongly believes in sustainable project development as this is the key to the success of development projects.

Four Pillars 

The four pillars of e.quinox form the basis of all projects. e.quinox is a humanitarian organisation and aims to develop and innovate solutions for global challenges. As a student society, the development of the projects should facilitate student education and learning as students are given the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge on real-world scenarios and often see the introduction of a project from conception to implementation. By providing the opportunity of taking on many responsibilities, e.quinox wants to create future leaders that can influence changes in the world. The sustainability of the projects are dependent on the business models developed as part of them. The business models lead the projects into enterprises and businesses and away from simple charity, enabling not only the stakeholders of the project but also the students that develop them. All of this is possible through rigorous research and development that occurs within the teams throughout the academic years and in the expeditions.